We are a boutique safari operator offering tailor-made and privately guided safaris to Southern, East and Central Africa. We specialize in small group departures and our main focus is to connect traveller to the natural world in an intimate and authentic way.
Our privately guided safari are also a great way to travel; our expert guides will assist you and bring to life your dream safari, and personally guide you throughout the itinerary to further enrich your experience. Whether your focus is on wildlife photography or on interpreting the natural world, a Wandering Thru Private Guide will add unique perspective to your safari.


For centuries Africa has captivated the hearts of those who explore its wilderness.
A vast continent of contrasts, nature and wildlife it leaves a deep impression in the hearts of all who visit, forever beckoning them back.
Dare to explore and let your soul be captivated by her.
It will forever change you

Join us on an experience of a lifetime

Whether you are an avid photographer or a curious globetrotter, our safaris and expeditions will take you to some of the world’s prime destinations; marvel at the natural beauty and raw power of the wild, immerse yourself in the local culture and create memories meant to last.

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WanderingThru Photo Safaris & Expeditions

Travelling to Africa can be an experience like no other. When choosing to visit Africa there are many options ranging from the type of safari you can embark on, to the destinations that will capture your soul, to the guides that can accompany you to enhance your experience. Download our brochure for the basis of the options how-to-plan your safaris with us

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