Christmas Holiday Traditions in Southern Africa

Christmas in Southern Africa is all about family. As a nation, South Africans are very family-orientated and generally, our festive advent calendar centers around many a get-together with the tribe. Our hospitality is our hallmark and festivities, usually marked with festive foods, is something in which we take great pride. We can all agree that […]

Bush breakfast: a how-to guide.

A “bush breakfast” is a breakfast picnic cooked out in nature. It should be inclusive of a lot of planning,(…) flasks with hot water to make coffee (or tea) on site, and a beautiful view.
Read more of Tayla and Ale’s how-to guide and ensure you have the recipe for success.

Covid19: Travel Update

A Covid19 Update for safari travelers by country in terms of entry & quarantine requirements

Christmas Safaris: A Family Affair

The end of the year is fast approaching; traditionally, this means more time for family, more time for getaways, and time for a much-needed escape. This sentiment rings even more true in the case of 2020, with more African countries safely opening up for tourism there are some great specials not to be missed to enjoy quality time with the entire family.

Helping Hornbills

Private guide Tayla McCurdy recently had the opportunity to get her hands dirty while learning a bit more about Southern Ground Hornbill conservation from experts in the field. Read more about their effort into putting up a 40kg crate up a tree to ensure their survival.

Beautiful South Africa

From the Greater Kruger to the coast, from lions to penguins, from adventure to fine dining, we bring you some travel inspiration from some our favorite destinations this country offers

The Very Best of Tanzania

Dreaming of Tanzania 🙌
From breath-taking beauty known for its ancient cities, rich culture, the great migration, great apes & exotic wildlife; there’s so much to see and do and often, so little time!
We’ve included a list of everything that we believe you must experience. And, if you can’t experience them all at once, well then that’s just one more reason to visit again and pick up where you left off

Magical Kenya – The Home of Safari and Epic Diversity

Famed for its picturesque landscapes and enormous wildlife conservancies, Kenya is the ideal destination for a safari. Her land rises from a low coastal plain alongside the warm Indian Ocean to mountainous highlands at her center, making this incredibly diverse country an alluring option for wilderness-seeking safari enthusiasts. We highlight some destination that will have you dreaming of the home of safaris.

Impact Initiatives

On this #HeritageDay we share a bit more of what we’ve been doing the last couple of months to help the vulnerable people around us during the lockdown in SA and help preserve the natural areas we share. If you are looking to lend a helping hand, too, then take a look below to see which initiatives resonate with you the most

The wild dog day

As we arrived to the area, the most chaotic and beautiful scene was before us. Three adults were looking after the pups who were running around, play fighting over sticks and duiker heads, pulling each other by the tails and generally just being full of beans.

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