Meet the Team

Astrida Sadde


Venezuelan born but from a Latvian descent, Astrida is the definition of a globe trotter and world citizen. Early on in life she decided that becoming a travel agent was the best way for her to explore our planet of wonders and has gained over 30 years of experience in organizing and leading worldwide expeditions focusing both on cultural and wildlife aspects through Asia, Africa and South America.

During her travels she developed a love for photography that has since lead her to be featured in several photographic expositions across the globe. After her older daughter moved to Africa and became involved in the world of conservation and hospitality, she immediately fell in love with the African wilderness and it became her mission, through her daughter’s experience, to help share the natural beauties of this continent.

Astrida joined our team as one of our dedicated safari specialists. Her attention to details and passion for the wilderness ensures our guests have the best possible experience during their safari planning and during their journey.

Her heart lies where elephants roam.

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