The Green Season: 5 Reasons Why You Should Go

Embarking on a safari during the green or emerald season can be a remarkable adventure filled with unique advantages. While traditional dry-season safaris have their allure, the green season offers its own magic and shouldn’t be overlooked.

East Africa or Southern Africa: The Ultimate Safari Question

When planning your dream safari adventure, the choice between East Africa and Southern Africa can be a daunting one. Both regions boast incredible wildlife, stunning landscapes, and unique experiences. Even for seasoned safari travelers, it’s hard to decidedly and unequivocally choose or recommend one of the two

Climb that Mountain: a guided hike

Climb that Mountain: a guided hike with Wandering Thru

Lace up your hiking boots, embrace the spirit of exploration, and let WanderingThru introduce you to the enchantment that is Cape Town’s natural wonder through a guided hike with Brendon Wainwright

Giza – The Black Leopard

Giza - The Black Leopard. A privately guided safari from Wandering Thru

The enigma of the black leopard was shrouded in uncertainty until recent times, until Giza (darkness in Swahili) the leopard appeared in 2019 on a camera trap. An elusive creature with a genetic variation, the ebony silky coat of this cat certainly makes worth the trip to the Laikipia area in Kenya.

A trip across the Northern Sabi Sand

A trip across the Northern Sabi Sand with Wandering Thru

Guest Michael Fleetwood finally managed to travel to the Sabi Sand. Read more about his adventure across three lodges of the Northern Sabi Sand and his impressions of reserve place we call home.

Wandering Thru Dulini

Wandering Thru Dulini

Private Guide Ryan Johnston worked in the Western sector of the Sabi Sand for more than 10 years. Recently he had the opportunity to return to this area as a guest of the Dulini collection. Would he be taking guests to this lodge? Read more about his amazing experience

A very green Timbavati

When you’re determined to go on safari very little gets in the way of making this happen, Ryan Johnston and guests recently braved a privately guided trip to the Timbavati after cyclone Freddy hit the Eastern side of South Africa – they were not disappointed

Nzumba – A little Piece of Paradise

Located in the remote corner of Klaserie Private Nature reserve which ensures low vehicle densities and exclusives sightings of the big 5, Ryan shares the highlights of his latest privately guided adventure

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