Celebrating our WanderingWomen

August is Women’s Month in South Africa and is fittingly the perfect time to uplift the ‘wonder women’ of Wandering Thru. Our team is proudly mostly female-run and while it didn’t set out to be this way initially, we are thrilled of having formed a small and tight group of people supporting women in the guiding, hospitality and wellness industry. 

Safaris for the Youth

Today we’re celebrating #YouthDay in South Africa.
We believe it’s important to teach our future generations about the natural world and wild places so that they can too learn to protect our natural heritage.

Thiking of going on safari with the younger (or older!) ones? Head to the link in bio to find out why you should definitely consider a #familysafari

Taking to feathers

Safari specialist Astrida Sadde has decided to embark on an adventure to South Africa for the last couple of weeks. What no one saw coming was that Astrida you become a very passionate amateur… birder! This week we share with you a selection of some of Astrida’s favorite snaps of our winged friends.