What is a privately guided safari?

It comes as no surprise that many safarigoers tend to have a hard time deciding on a safari best suited for the occasion. Whether it’s their first time or a returning excursion, deciding on a safari type can be overwhelming – there seem to be endless options. There is so much to consider when planning a safari: budget, location, or focus of the experience, and so, so much more – including whether you’d like a private guide with you!

Here we address what a `privately guided safari is and how you can enjoy one with one of our guides

Ndutu Calving in Tanzania

The Ndutu calving area in the southern stretches of the Serengeti (Tanzania) is renowned for being one of the great natural wonders of Africa. It is a growth point for the great wildebeest migration spanning a majestic landscape that transcends the test of time. This region is the genesis of a unique wildlife phenomenon, an annual celebration of life and a great safari destination for photographers!

School Supplies for Hananani

“Every student deserves to have the same learning tools as we do to learn”. Guest Mary K Mason, a passionate 4th grade teacher and her determined kiddos have been helping Hanani Primary school since 2018. In 2020 we managed to join forces and helped maintain alive this project. Continue reading to find our how School Supplies for Hananani has started and how it will continue

Celebrating our WanderingWomen

August is Women’s Month in South Africa and is fittingly the perfect time to uplift the ‘wonder women’ of Wandering Thru. Our team is proudly mostly female-run and while it didn’t set out to be this way initially, we are thrilled of having formed a small and tight group of people supporting women in the guiding, hospitality and wellness industry.