From Desert to Delta

Guest Shannon Neumann recently travelled to Botswana’s Okavango Delta and the Kalahari desert. She was in search of contrasting landscape and wildlife and returned with beautiful images and lots of adventures to tell. Read more about her adventure and love affair with the meerkats and her useful traveller tips here.

Helping Hornbills

Private guide Tayla McCurdy recently had the opportunity to get her hands dirty while learning a bit more about Southern Ground Hornbill conservation from experts in the field. Read more about their effort into putting up a 40kg crate up a tree to ensure their survival.

The wild dog day

As we arrived to the area, the most chaotic and beautiful scene was before us. Three adults were looking after the pups who were running around, play fighting over sticks and duiker heads, pulling each other by the tails and generally just being full of beans.