Wandering Conservation Fund (WCF).

This fund contributes towards key wildlife and social conservation projects in order to help protect wild spaces across Africa. We believe a dual approach is needed and so the WCF focuses on wildlife conservation support as well as on projects that empower the communities that live in or around these wildlife-rich areas.


General donation

If you’d like to contribute to a wide variety of wildlife and social conservation but not sure where to help, the general donation will make funds available for projects that seek immediate assistance. By donating 100% of your contribution will go into protecting the wildlife and the lives, and livelihoods of people that inhabit wildlife-rich areas across Africa.

Adopt a pangolin

Become a monthly donor to help us cover the veterinary expenses needed to rehabilitated wild Pangolins save from the illegal wildlife trade. By donating 100% of your contribution will go into assisting the teams on the ground to treat, monitor and ultimately release these animals back into the wild.

Hanani preschool supplies

Help the children in need of Hanani Preschool in the Dixi Village, at the edge of the Sabi Sand, with their yearly school supplies and uniform needs.

Pangolin tracking tags

Help teams on the ground monitor rescued and rehabilitated pangolins into the wild. Your contribution will go into the purchasing and replacing the costly VHF and satellites tracks that allow teams on the ground to perform health check and gain behavioral insights as well as monitoring their movements after their soft release.

De-snaring wildlife operation

Cover the veterinary cost to the snare a wounded animal across reserves in the Greater Kruger. It will include the team of experts as well as drugs needed in darting and treating any injured animal.

Tourism & Hospitality Internship Program

Help us fund the bursary for students from the Greater Kruger to study for one year at the South African College for Tourism and support top students during a year-long paid internship at one of the Thornybush lodges.

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