The Eastern Serengeti: A hidden gem

Guest Lisa Antell travelled to Namiri Plains yearning for the rolling plains. After 20 years being closed to the public, the Namiri Plains area is a must of anyone searching for big cats and Lisa has some epic pictures to prove it.


Guest Shirley Sword shares her impressions of her recent privately guided safari to MalaMala and why you should definitely consider it for your next safari

The White Lions of South Africa

The lion is one of the most majestic animals known to man. They rule the African savanna with sheer power and strength, fearless in the face of other animals. Amongst lions however, in a small pocket in the Greater Kruger area lives, also the rare and almost mystic kind: the white lion.

Lions vs. hyenas

Earlier this week we were invited to explore a wilderness area close to home: Pridelands Conservancy.

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