A trip across the Northern Sabi Sand

A trip across the Northern Sabi Sand with Wandering Thru

Guest Michael Fleetwood finally managed to travel to the Sabi Sand. Read more about his adventure across three lodges of the Northern Sabi Sand and his impressions of reserve place we call home.

Our trip to Jaci’s Sabi House

Return Guest Mauricia Neeley recently enjoyed a privately guided trip with Tristan Dicks to Jaci’s Sabi House. Small, intimate and full of epic game viewing this trip report will have you itching to get to the Sabi Sand

Clash of the Connochaetes

The word Connochaetes comes from an ancient Greek word that loosely describes the flowing mane or beard of a wildebeest. Wildebeest play a vital role in the ecosystem as they form the bulk of the largest terrestrial mammal migration and the same group of animals that stampeded through a gorge and killed Mufasa in the […]

School Supplies for Hananani

“Every student deserves to have the same learning tools as we do to learn”. Guest Mary K Mason, a passionate 4th grade teacher and her determined kiddos have been helping Hanani Primary school since 2018. In 2020 we managed to join forces and helped maintain alive this project. Continue reading to find our how School Supplies for Hananani has started and how it will continue

Vlog: Sabi Sand Safari with Tayla McCurdy

Guest Sabine Schlag recently joined Tayla McCurdy for a privately guided safari to the Sabi Sand. To say that Sabine and the rest of the guests were truly spoiled for sightings would be an understatement. In this video compiled and edited by Sabine you will be able to see exactly why.

Book that trip

Guest Maggie Knapke recently joined a privately guided trip to the Masai Mara. Enamore yourself with the beauty of Kenya as she recounts her experience through her beautiful beautiful images.

My First Safari

Adventurer and wildlife photographer Alberto Camardiel recently trusted us with his very first safari experience. We knew we would love his photography but they way he spoke about our beloved Africa, well we couldn’t have said it better

Finding Thamba

Guest Lisa Antell recently embarked on an adventure to go in search of two special leopards. Read her second story of their tracking and time spent with Thamba male leopard.

Finding Hosana

Guest Lisa Antell recently embarked on an adventure to go in search of a special cat: Hosana male leopard.
This is is Lisa’s journey and their adventures in order to find this beloved cat

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