The Eastern Serengeti: A hidden gem

Guest Lisa Antell travelled to Namiri Plains yearning for the rolling plains. After 20 years being closed to the public, the Namiri Plains area is a must of anyone searching for big cats and Lisa has some epic pictures to prove it.

Scavengers Of The Sky

Driving along a bumpy road, scanning from left to right, hoping to spot a big cat in the sea of grass can be tiring work. After an hour or two, you start to feel hopeless and wonder if it was worth getting up before the sunrise. I typically have to do a lot of persuading, […]

Ndutu Calving in Tanzania

The Ndutu calving area in the southern stretches of the Serengeti (Tanzania) is renowned for being one of the great natural wonders of Africa. It is a growth point for the great wildebeest migration spanning a majestic landscape that transcends the test of time. This region is the genesis of a unique wildlife phenomenon, an annual celebration of life and a great safari destination for photographers!

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