Kenya – An Asilia Experience

Private guide Ryan Johnston recently got the opportunity to explore some of Kenya’s most iconic destinations. Tag along as he share his experience of an East African adventure

Spotted Hyena – No Laughing Matter

Spotted hyenas are fascinating and highly social carnivores found in various parts of Africa. Unfortunately, Walt Disney’s movie The Lion King dealt them a bad hand, as many people now view them as “bad guys.” This is not true, and they are incredibly intelligent animals that deserve more praise. They are known for their unique […]

Safari Solace: A Retreat from Reality for Mental Well-Being

In today’s fast-paced, technology-dominated world, we often yearn for an escape from the constant digital noise and a chance to reconnect with nature. Going on a safari offers the perfect opportunity to do just that, providing a profound respite from the real world and a much-needed boost to your mental health.   The Digital Dilemma […]

World Elephant Day – Gentle Giants

To secure your best African Safari, contact Wandering Thru without delay.  World Elephant Day

Yesterday, on August 12, the world celebrated World Elephant Day. These awe-inspiring creatures might appear intimidating due to their immense size, yet they quickly capture hearts upon observation. This day holds significance, not only to honor these majestic beings but also to raise awareness about the crucial conservation efforts required to safeguard the species. Given […]

Tintswalo and Victoria Falls, Sussi & Chuma

Tintswalo and Sussi & Chuma with Wandering Thru

After quite a trip from Australia to South Africa, my guests started off their trip with two nights in Johannesburg to acclimatize and shake off their jet lag. I met them on day three in Hoedspruit before starting off the real adventure, heading to our first destination, Tintswalo Safari Lodge in the Manyaleti Game Reserve, […]

Botswana – An Incredible Wilderness

Botswana African Safari with Wandering Thru

  After a short flight from Hoedspruit, my guests and I met up in Johannesburg. They had flown down from Heathrow overnight, and with only a small time difference and a good sleep on the flight, we were all in high spirits and very excited. We enjoyed a coffee together while catching up as we […]

Sponsor a Pangolin

Pangolins, also known as scaly anteaters, are critically endangered species found in Africa and Asia. These unique mammals are covered in hard, overlapping scales that protect them from predators.  In Africa, pangolins occur in various countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, and many others, but the species is facing extinction due to illegal […]

Where To Next?

Where to next? That’s the big question, right? For those of you that have traveled numerous times to South Africa, Kenya, and Botswana and are stuck on where you should go on safari next, then this article is for you. If you have spent more than five minutes talking to me then you would have […]

Remembering Ruaha

This year I have spent more time in East Africa than I usually do and visited the most iconic destinations such as the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Recently I had the opportunity to travel to two national parks that I have never been to, I can say with confidence that both Ruaha […]

Four Reasons Why You Should Visit the Eastern Cape, South Africa

The Eastern Cape is an overlooked corner of South Africa. It is a place that feels isolated from the rest of the country, with a different pace of life and unique natural beauty. The province is home to some of the best game reserves in the country and excellent opportunities for exploring the outdoors. Travellers […]

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