The most popular safari types


Welcome to the second edition of our two-part blog series featuring our most popular safari types and how to plan a safari down to a ‘t’.

In this issue, we face the elephant in the room: the types of safaris. It can be such a daunting experience. Where to start? No two destinations are the same! There is so much to consider in location, travel, activities, and more. It all begins with selecting or curating the safari of your dreams! We’ve written about HOW to start planning a safari here in part one, but today we will be exploring the various types of safari that we have on offer.

At Wandering Thru, we are renowned for creating custom safari trips in Africa, so no two safaris are the same. However, there are different types of safaris out there to cater to even the most discerning of clients.

Living in the Lap of Luxury Singita Boulders

Luxury Safaris cater specifically to those who would love to be out in the wild without roughing it. Suppose you aspire to live it up in the lap of luxury while enjoying first-class food, wine, and pampering, all set against the beautiful backdrop of Africa’s pristine wilderness. In that case, this is the type of vacation for you. Pair your luxury safari by visiting a world-class city like Cape Town, South Africa, often voted one of the top destinations for travel in the world.

Suppose you’re more of an adventurer and are looking for something more authentic. In that case, our Authentic Africa Experience would be the perfect option for you. Think consummate comfort in pioneer-style tented camps or even a walking safari camping experience. There are few ways to feel alive than this.


There’s Always Room for Family

Governor’s Camp

Are you bringing your little ones along? We’ve got you covered! We have various options available to cater to everyone’s needs. Some luxury lodges and hotels are great at hosting the kids. They have a range of activities to keep them stimulated while taking care of them in a safe environment while giving the parents a chance to relax and unwind. Knowing your children are safe and blissfully happy surrounded by smiling, friendly folk is pure parental joy.

Take the time to spend with your significant other, enjoying a private dinner, a bushwalk, a spa treatment secure in the knowledge that your little stars are in the best of care. In Africa, there is enough space for everyone to enjoy.


Kindling Romance in Africa

ABC Thorntree River Lodge

Just imagine having a sunset dinner in the wilderness with your partner while enjoying the endless vistas only Africa can offer. Talk about romance! Our Honeymoon Safaris are specifically curated for you and your significant other to ensure that you create memories that will last a lifetime. Most couples combine a Luxury Safari experience with a beautiful beach getaway. Whether your love is a slow burn or a fireworks display, Africa’s bushveld is the perfect backdrop, a playground to newlyweds, or those looking to reconnect and up the ante in the love department.


Capturing Africa’s Treasures

Are you an avid photographer and want to capture your unique experience artistically? Our Photographic Safaris are just for you. They provide some of the most majestic destinations for you to get creative. You get to travel with our photographic guides to some of the most world-renowned locations, all while setting up the perfect scene to capture the moment.


Solo Safaris Beckon

Gorilla Forest Camp

Ready for some tranquility? Some may think that traveling on your own is lonely. Luckily, in Africa, you’re surrounded by friends you haven’t met yet while allowing you the chance to completely immerse yourself on the experience – on your own terms.

Particularly on safari, traveling solo is an enriching experience. Solo Safari travelers are treated like gold and are made to feel very special, never spare and some of our guests enjoy taking on a Private guide to accompany them on their safari.

Time and space to spend with your own thoughts, reading that book you’ve meant to, and even sketching or painting; the options are endless.


Private Guiding? Yes, please!

Chongwe Camp

Want to march to the beat of your own drum? Then a Privately Guided Safari is the perfect way for you to explore Africa. What is a privately guided safari? Enjoy a personally hosted safari by one of our highly qualified private guides. With years of experience and a passion for adventure, our guides will provide you with a safari adventure like none other. Go your own way and, in style.


How Would You Like to Travel?

It’s important to note that we have different travel options available for you. Suppose you’d prefer a tailor-made safari unaccompanied by a Wandering Thru private safari guide – we can arrange this for you. In this case, we will be your travel agents and handle all the finer details. You’ll join the lodge of your choice and participate in exciting activities among other guests.

Our bespoke safaris consist of a private venture for a more intimate experience, where you get to enjoy a trip curated to your liking. It’s just you and your Wandering Thru private safari guide who is there to help you make the most of your experience.

As a third option, you can join a private guided safari where you can purchase a “seat on a trip.” Here you share the safari experience with other travelers who have opted for a privately guided safari experience.

With plenty of options to choose from, now is the perfect time for you to reach out to us to help plan the ultimate African safari, specifically catered to your dreams! Let’s connect and help you find your wandering style!

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