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Over the past two years, the eco-tourism industry across Africa, as well as the conservation projects focused on preserving wilderness spaces have been importantly affected by the pandemic. The effects of reduced tourism are being felt everywhere and by all beings that share these spaces. Faced with this situation in South Africa and everywhere else in the continent, these last two years we have been supporting and empowering a vast array of wilderness and social conservation initiatives.

We have been growing and cementing our vision of paying it forward so that we can help conserve the wilderness spaces we so much love and shape the impact of tourism in these area. During this time, and thanks to the continued support of our guests, we have been able to purchase food parcels for communities in need, assist in keeping open a sanctuary for intellectually disabled orphans, purchase blankets for the elderly in the Greater Kruger communities, empowered k9 units, assisted in donating school supplies for school both in Zimbabwe and in South Africa, as well help preserve jobs and livelihoods and assist with projects that need an extra bit of help to name but a few.

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Thornybush Collection Project

As we have thought – and rethought – about who we are as conservationists and naturalists, we are very excited to announce have decided to thus create the Wandering Conservation Fund (WCF).

This fund will contribute towards key wildlife and social conservation projects in order to help protect wild spaces across Africa. We believe a dual approach is needed and so the WCF we will focus on wildlife conservation support as well as on projects that empower the communities that live in or around these wildlife-rich areas.

Starting in February 2022 we will introduce a small and voluntary fee that will entirely and directly contribute to those doing ground work in conservation, both wildlife and social (i.e those helping the animals directly and those helping the communities around national parks across Africa).

Seeing the vast amount of guests and friends that often reach out wanting to donate to specific projects, we will also allow people to directly donate to the WCF to support specific projects as well. In turn we will always be clear and transparent as to when and where the funds go to and we will carefully consider and select which projects we chose to support in order broaden the positive impact of eco-tourism in Africa.

This is one of our more exciting projects of 2022 and we are excited to share its initial steps and growth with you along the way as it takes shape.

How you can get involved

  • Go on safari  – Every safari that you book thru us will directly contribute to the funding of the WCF
  • Donate directly to the fund – we are working on setting up a dedicated platform and hope to be able to launch it in the next couple of weeks!

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Want to make a donation to a specific type of project? Email us on




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