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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Travelers all over the world over are breathing a bit easier knowing that travel is once again on the cards. As more and more countries begin to open their borders, so the anticipation for trips to Africa is growing. Tourism is starting to flourish once again and we are delighted to help you secure your place under the African sun. Let’s take those dreams you’ve been nurturing and start planning your next safari. We are ready to welcome you!

East Africa was the first destination in Africa to be awarded the “Travel Safe Stamp” from the World Tourism Council meaning that all health and safety measures are in place.  All tourism stakeholders are upholding these so that you can book and travel with confidence to these shores.

We can already hear the sure, steady rumblings on our horizon heralding the return of demand in safaris to Africa. So, ensure that you get a spot on one of our exciting safaris in 2021 or let’s start planning your own tailor-made safari. If you haven’t booked yet, now is the perfect time to start investigating and planning for the quintessential safari.  The wilderness and wide-open spaces where the idea of ‘safari’ was born. What can be better that heading back into the wilderness after being stuck inside for a while?

WanderingThru  will help you find the perfect package tailored to your requirements. Here’s what you need to know to experience the best of East Africa currently. We start with these countries as they are welcoming visitors with open arms already and we can’t wait to visit too!.

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Visit Kenya

Kenya’s borders opened to international travel on August 1st, 2020. Concerning COVID-19 testing, requires a negative test within 96 hours of entry by flight—further health screenings conducted on arrival. Upon entering, if you display any symptoms of COVID-19, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days. Wearing a face mask in public places is mandatory, passenger vehicles are only allowed to be 50% full, and there’s a nationwide curfew from 9 pm-4 am.

The hospitality industry, as a whole, is taking precautions to ensure hygiene and sanitary measures to be strictly observed. Staff at various hotels, lodges and tented camps undergo regular COVID-19 testing as well as training in strict physical distancing and sanitization protocols and procedures.

Kenya is the perfect destination for the classic ‘out of Africa’ safari experience. If you haven’t yet experienced it in your lifetime, then the Masai Mara is a must! The vast plains filled with an abundance of wildlife, including all the iconic species, are home to the great migration. Recognized as one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, this incredible spectacle takes place from July to October. To survive the dry months of July to September, some 1.7 million wildebeest, migrate from the parched plains of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, along with much smaller numbers of antelope buffalo and zebra, to the more forgiving grasslands of the Masai Mara. In their wake come predators such as lion, hyena and cheetah, for whom these giant herds are a natural source of prey.


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The Masai Mara is only a small portion of what Kenya has to offer, with many other great wilderness areas one can explore. Some of our favorites areas to visit are too:

  • Amboseli National Park & Chyulu hills – experience a multitude of wildlife, with amazing views of Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Laikipia – in the rim of the Rift Valley is the Laikipia Plateau with an expanse of nature conservancies, a protective natural system safeguarding the region’s crucial biodiversity
  • Lake Nakuru and Lake Navaisha – part of a series of lakes in the Rift Valley, where wildlife abounds, especially the flamingo that flock to Nakuru to breed.
  • Samburu National Reserve – located in Northern Kenya and distantly related to the Masai, the Samburu way of life and culture offers an enriching cultural experience as well as the opportunity to view lesser known wildlife.
  • Kenyan Coastline – from Diani Beach to Malindi, to Watamu clear waters, white sand are the perfect to relax after and adventure safari

We could write an entire book about some of Kenya’s location but whether it’s walking, on horseback, or experiencing the best that nature has to offer from the sky above in a hot air balloon, every safari is an enriching, insightful and unforgettable journey. If it’s a family vacation or a photographic expedition, Kenya as a destination offers so many different kinds of great, memorable safari experiences.

Visit Tanzania

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The government of Tanzania has removed the requirement for a negative COVID-19 test as well as the mandatory 14-day quarantine period. Upon arrival, however, they have implemented strict temperature screening and checks. The island of Zanzibar requires proof of international health insurance, and visitors receive temperature checks upon arrival. Any visitors showing known symptoms of COVID-19 will be placed in quarantine unless they have evidence of a negative test. It’s mandatory to wear face masks in public as well as observe physical distancing.

Tanzania offers marvelous safari adventures. From the Serengeti to Ruaha National Park, you will experience the most beautiful sights that the world has to offer. If you’d prefer to avoid the crowds, keep in mind that migrations of wildebeest happen at different times of the year. For example, in February, the wildebeest calve, and one can experience this majestic spectacle en masse while the Great Migration across the Mara river is best viewed between June to November.

As with Kenya, Tanzania has a myriad of wilderness areas to explore that often get overshadowed by the thundering masses of wildebeest, zebras and wildlife crossings; other areas not to miss on your Tanzania safari are:

  • The Ngorongoro Crater – nearly three million years old, it was once a rumbling volcano and now an extensive highland area in northern Tanzania. This World Heritage Site is a must see!
  • Tarangire National Park – an off the beaten track location and a prime spot for those who wish to embark on a walking safari in a game rich area.
  • Ruaha National Park – part of Tanzania’s famed ‘southern circuit’ the name is derived from the Great Ruaha River, which flows along its southeastern border. This is Tanzania’s biggest national park and is a must for game-viewing and a stronghold for the lion prides (it holds a 10th of the world lion population).
  • The Selous Game Reserve – a highlight on Tanzania’s ‘southern circuit’, this vast protected area and proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982 due to its wildlife diversity and undisturbed nature. For the intrepid, curious nature-lover not concerned about ticking off a ‘Big Five’ list but rather, being immersed in the deep wilderness.
  • Zanzibar Archipelago – think crystal clear and warm waters, dhows and the Stone Town are a perfect spot to wind down and enjoy slowing down

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Africa is one of the best places to travel to currently, especially if you’re looking at a safari. The weather is warm and welcoming. The wilderness, by its very nature, is not overcrowded. Now is the best time to connect to the natural world, relax and give your wellness a boost. Ask us anything about these fantastic destinations if you’re looking to plan a safari and we will happily to answer any queries you may have; we’re here to ensure that you experience the ultimate African safari.

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