What is a privately guided safari?


It comes as no surprise that many safarigoers tend to have a hard time deciding on a safari best suited for the occasion. Whether it’s their first time or a returning excursion, deciding on a safari type can be overwhelming – there seem to be endless options. There is so much to consider when planning a safari: budget, location, or focus of the experience, and so, so much more – including whether you’d like a private guide with you!

Depth of Field

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Tristan and guests in the Sabi Sand (South Africa)

Usually, when travelling on shared trips or within larger groups it is not possible to get a high degree of personalised attention, we’d like to change that. With Ale, Tayla or Tristan as your private guide you can enjoy all the grandeur service of your very own personal guide without any of the tedious leg work. Drawing on years of personal and collective experience we take pride in creating bespoke itineraries to Africa’s different wilderness areas.

Whether the focus is to photograph leopards on the Sabi Sand with Tristan, to walk amongst elephant in Zimbabwe with Ale or get down and dirty inspecting all the little things the bush has to offer with Tayla,  those who’ve travelled with us know that we’re a tightly knit team, an extended family that loves nothing more than that you feel safe and that you enjoy Africa every step of the way.

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How can you enjoy a privately guided safari?

We currently two ways in which you can enjoy the knowledge, skills and company of one our private guides throughout your safari:

1.- Planning your own custom made safari. You chose what you’d like to explore and where you’d like to go and our private guides will tailor-make an itinerary for you based on your preferences and budget.

2.- Joining one of our prescheduled privately guided departures. Throughout the year we offer safaris to different destinations where you can purchase a “seat” on a scheduled departure and travel with a specific guide and other like-minded travelers. We like to keep our group departures smalls ensuring that at a time, there will only be a maximum of 6 guests for a prescheduled departure.

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Tayla and guest after a k9 unit demo in Ol Pejeta (Kenya)

When on safari with one of our private guides, the use of private vehicle will ensure that your party has the flexibility to design all activities around the “safari game plan”. The lodge safari guides will handle the driving of the vehicle while your WanderingThru guide will instead be focusing his or her attention on your personal experience of your destination, your photo tutoring or the ongoing conservation talk ensuring that you have the best possible time while at the same time working with the local guide to ensure you have a top notch experience. If there’s anything better than having one guide, it’s having two!

The (Un) ticked List

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Tristan and guest celebrating a successful leopard sighting in the Sabi Sand (South Africa)

The unique nature of our safari experiences is made possible due to our guides collective  knowledge of Africa’s wildest place, our high standards when it comes to game viewing and our partnerships with the lodges. Our guides are well-traveled and naturally passionate about the bush. When asked where they prefer to travel themselves, you’ll find that they tend to prefer nature-based destinations across Africa. When on a safari with a WanderingThru guide, you can expect to see the unexpected, wander off the beaten track and truly immerse yourself in the moment. Our guides have earned their (zebra) stripes. All of our guides are highly qualified and each has significant field experience behind them. What this means is that you have tried-and-tested first-hand safari savvy at your fingertips guiding your curated trip in Africa.

Do you dream of exploring the channels of the Okavango or even witnessing Africa’s great migration first-hand? Whatever your desire, our guides will ensure that they add unique insight, knowledge, perspective, and value to each experience.

Patience Pays Off
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Ale and guests after a morning spent learning about tracks and termites in Hwangwe National Park (Zimbabwe)

While on safari, above all else, we want to connect you with the wild ways of Africa. We want you to learn more about her and get to know the interconnectedness of her best laid plans and how you fit into them. We want you to relax and have a great time. But most of all, we want you to take in the experience without feeling rushed. Enter the space where patience pays off. Being in nature, we’re in the domain of wildlife – animal spotting isn’t available on demand and part of the thrill is learning how to track and find the animals. The aim here is to slow down, get the lay of the land, spend time in nature and search for what it is that you seek (often discovering much more than you anticipated along the way). Much of the wildlife in the reserves or national parks are accustomed to seeing vehicles and human beings, most make light work of camouflage when the mood strikes. Their instinct is to remain alert to danger and be inconspicuous. As a guest, being involved in the process of wildlife tracking accompanied by our guides is a thrill. Using their years of field experience and working with our trusted partners, your experience is memorable and safe.  Here’s what some of our past wanderers had to say about their experiences.

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A Great Way to Travel
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Tayla and guests after a nature walk in the Kalahari (South Africa)

Allow our team of private guides to help bring your dream safari to life by personally guiding you through your chosen adventure, enriching the experience further with each activity. Available in English, Spanish, and Italian, our guides will also ensure that you get the most out of your trip in your native language. Much like the depth of field in photography, our private guides will focus on the experiences that matter to you!

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If a privately guided trip isn’t for you, fear not! Our private guides will assist you also as dedicated safari planners and turn your safari dreams into reality. We advise you throughout your curated itinerary, relying on our expert, hands-on knowledge, further enriching your adventure. Whether your focus is on getting a sense of wildlife or photography, let’s help you add a unique perspective to your safari. If you’d like to get planning your next safari, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to help you craft the most memorable trip yet!


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