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In South Africa, the month of June is a noteworthy month for our country. The focus turns to our children as Youth Day, celebrated on June 16th, a significant reminder of the historic Soweto Uprising, which took place on the same day in 1976. Every June, South Africa pays tribute to the lives of these students who perished in the tragedy while recognizing the critical role they played in the liberation of South Africa. As South Africans honour their memory through various activities, there is so much to do! Some families take a long weekend winter break; others enjoy our stunning natural spaces with their loved ones or get out and about to explore the beauty of their home towns or cities. So, if you are looking for somewhere fun to take “your” youth (older or younger), we cannot think of anything more engaging than a family safari

 Seeing Is Believing 

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The months of June through to October are typically considered our dry safari seasons in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a great time to go out on safari as the wildlife is easier to spot through vegetation, and they tend to gather more at watering holes. The weather during this time in the sub-tropical Lowveld is excellent too! Think mild temperatures with warm sunny days out and about, as well as cracking pit fires on those chilly nights. 

That said, South Africa is a vast country steeped in diversity. Depending on where you are, the weather can vary in June – from mild and warm to wet. In Cape Town specifically, there is a somewhat Mediterranean climate. In addition, this time of the year is considered low-safari season, so prices for family packages are incredibly competitive, with so many activities on offer. As there are not as many people on safari in the low season versus the high season, your personalized safari experiences, bound to be different.  


Next Generation Entertainment

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Family safaris are a great way to introduce your children to wildlife and nature in a safe environment. There’s no need to worry about boredom and lack of activities to stimulate your little darlings. These safaris can be tailored to help keep your children brimming with excitement when on safari while learning something new and exciting at the same time. There are excellent activities to keep them stimulated while you and your partner enjoy some alone time in the bush. While at first, you may get the death stare for your ‘unplug and recharge’ request, the allure of the wilderness will soon turn those frowns upside down. Taking a family safari is a meaningful way to mark calendar events such as our Christmas Safaris, specifically designed to delight nature-loving families. 


Future Wildlife Conservationists

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Suppose you are all about connecting with your loved ones in the wild while revitalizing the body and mind. Mother Nature has a way of strengthening the ties that bind; she also presents an excellent opportunity to see wildlife conservation in action through a family safari. During your safari, you will enjoy seeing how your children learn more about wildlife conservation, improving their sustainability awareness. We can teach them how to contribute to a sustainable future and motivate them to play their role in building a sustainable future for generations to come. We must work at reducing our carbon footprint while empowering our children to one day do the same. We need to act now on how we are conserving our environment for our future generations. Recent studies show that by spending time in leafy environments, children experience enhanced creativity, confidence and problem-solving abilities. 


The Best is Ahead of Us

With these past eighteen months being centred around a pandemic, we need to look after our mental health. One way to do that is to strengthen our relationships. Travel is opening up as vaccine strategies are rolling out worldwide. The summer season in the northern hemisphere is in full swing. So, family safaris provide the perfect opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children, where everyone can disconnect while teaching future generations about the value of wildlife conservation and sustainability. South Africa Is Travel Ready! Our youth plays an integral part in our future, so now is the time to celebrate and uplift them in their bravery, strength, and resilience. So, let’s help you plan the perfect family safari, expertly crafted to match your dreams. We’d love to connect and help you become a wanderer

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